Sélection Etsy, Eco-Friendly

Du recyclage, du bio, et une bonne dose de créativité, comment se faire plaisir tout en étant écolo!

Red white and blue Eco friendly summer top made from a vintage scarf by tangente, 27$

Steampunk vintage watch movement adjustable ring by crimsonking, 30$

Large Vegan Fluff Eyeshadow Brush with 3 eyeshadows samples of your choice by theallnaturalface, 5.50$

Toy Wood Metal Recycled Elephant by loranscruggs, 28$

Organic Lip Gloss Shade Baby Pink by luecosmetics, 3.95$

Eco Friendly/Handmade pink Chrysanthemum flower Hair clip by greenarthgoodies, 7.50$

Recycled Vinyl billboard oval Makeup Bag by seen1, 16$

Recycled plantable handmade Paper Thank You Card by gracegraphics, 1.99$

Lotus Earrings in Bamboo by Isette, 18$

Swallows Organic Scoop Neck Top-8 colors available by stevester, 23$

Vintage Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed by lovenostalgicwhimsy, 53$

Black Number 7 Vintage Typewriter Key Ring by KeysAndMemories, 8$

Michael Jackson in THE WIZ record album upcycled into notebook by doti, 37.99$

Spring wild flowers 8x10 photograph eco-friendly printing by desertnana, 18$

I Like to Bike American Apparel Organic Rib Boy Beater Tank by elementalshop, 13.95$

Wooden Hedgehog Push Toy by Imaginationkids, 13$

Organic Soap Lover's Gift Box by mirasolfarm, 28$

Travelling Soul Necklace by allthosethrees, 41$

Couture Ecofriendly Wedding Dress by NaturalBridals, 950$

6 commentaires

  1. La bague steampunk est juste géniale! *_*

  2. @Ana: Il y a énormément de bijoux steampunk sur Etsy!

  3. j'adore le pet bed mais meme avec un super truc comme ça mon chat trouverait le moyen de pas aller dessus xd

  4. @frootloops: Mon chat aussi! le seul lit qui l'intéresse c'est le mien! :D

  5. Etant Steam dans l'âme je craque pour la bague et... pour la valise lit à chat!!! ^^ Beau blog!

  6. @Nott: Merci:) Et bienvenue à toi!


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